About a week or so ago Chris ordered a Rovio online.  It's basically a hybrid between a remote control car, spybot, and kitty harasser!  You control the vehicle through wifi and the web-browser.

It has a camera on the front end with an adjustable top portion so you can look straight ahead, slightly up, or way up above of the machine. Plus, it has a speaker so if you have a mic on your computer you can talk into it. All in all you can drive it around, take photos, take video, and talk through it. It will be an interesting device to use during game night with Adam and Comfort in Flint controlling and talking through it to everyone.

In the evening after the Rovio had charged, I shot some video of Chris driving it around and Leki trying to figure out wtf it was.

This is how the Rovio sees the world, by the way (and how the controls interface looks). 


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