Today was the big phone switch in the office.  We went from having normal desk phones to headsets and a VoIP system.  There is a comparison here. We now have a graveyard of phones.

On lunch I wandered over to Target (there wouldn't be much walking at the park with all the rain pouring down today).  I checked out a working eReader display (finally) and was disappointed.  Also noticed they had a ton of Easter candy left over (at 30% off it's like a normal price!), including some crazy coconut flavored Hershey kisses (bought these, but have yet to try).

I also went over to the Apple store in the mall with a co-worker to get her ipod fixed.  Place was crazy busy with people scoping out the iPad.

After work Chris and I went for a walk before the rain started.  Then watched some of Red Letter Media's Star Wars Episode II review (long but funny).


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