Went out running for day three today. You know, it's dark out at 6:30am. And quiet.

I had an appointment with a hand specialist today. I've been wearing splints on my wrists when I type for years now and recently (since I've taken up knitting, actually) I've been having more pain and numbness in some fingers.

So today was a follow up to an appointment I had almost two years ago. I still have tendinitis in both wrists, aggravated by typing, gaming, and knitting. Basically if I enjoy it, it aggravates my wrists.

I also have some newly developed tennis elbow in one arm. Bleh.

So physical therapy starts next month, as does a hefty dose of of meds.

My hiatus from knitting, gaming, and other fun activities involving repetitious movements continues.

At this rate, Chris isn't getting his scarf until well into next winter. Heh.


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