Sometimes there just isn't enough light, especially indoors. If there's movement you get blurring in the photo and everything just looks off. Sure, you can adjust the exposure, bump up the ISO to take in more light, use a tripod, etc. But sometimes it's just easier to use a flash.
So the built in flash for an SLR lets you take photos at a lower ISO setting and get around using a tripod, but it creates harsh lighting; shadows.
Sometimes in lower light settings it's nice to use an external flash.. Now there's all kinds in varying prices and quality. I'm not a professional photographer so I can't exactly justify purchasing a several hundred dollar flash for the few occasions I will use one. But I can justify a simple compact external one.

So this afternoon we picked up a HVL-F20AM. It looks like it does a decent enough job (bottom photo) and isn't as harsh as the built-in flash (middle photo). It will be interesting to use this in the future.


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