With my phone rooted and a Saturday wide open (previous plans to head to the east side of the state changed), it was time to flash my phone with a new ROM. There is a stock 2.3 Gingerbread ROM with root access available, so I decided to try that one first before getting into anything to fancy.

Thanks to xda forums, ROM manager, and Titanium Backup, the entire process was painless - much easier than the cheap Android tablets (especially on the Eken).

Since flashing the ROM didn't take long, I had plenty of time to hang out, have a tasty lunch, and read a bit.
Later in the afternoon we went to the local laundromat to do some laundry. Roughly 70% of their washers now appear broken with no indication that they're going to be fixed anytime soon.
Despite the pain at the laundromat, the day has been relaxing and fun. Even the cat has enjoyed the day, shifting from human to couch to human all day long.
So here's an entire blogpost from the Blogger app on Android. A much nicer app than the wanna-be blogging app on IOS.

Edit (7/3/2011): apparently when using the android Blogger app the photos get tossed to the bottom and have a weird box-pattern (see cat photo) in them. I replaced a few photos and rearranged them to how they should be in the blog post. Now I'm not quite so impressed with the app. 


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