Normally when we make dinner for the two of us, we are eating roughly the same thing. Sure I might have a bigger helping of veggies or Chris a bit more meat, but essentially it's the same meal.

Tonight, instead, I made two different meals using the same base - chicken and rice. So I cooked up Chris's meal first, keeping the various ingredients separate (as you can see at the top of the photo).

Then came time to craft my dish. I fried up some chicken in a pan with some chopped up garlic, then slowly tossed in every vegetable in the house (they're getting old and I still have quite a bit left). So that means zucchini, squash, mushrooms, corn, and spinach. I even tossed in some salsa I bought just to add some flavor (which was ok but I probably would have been ok with a chopped up tomato instead).

When all was said and done I mixed in some white rice, let it simmer and voila! The strange assortment of veggies and chicken was ready for eating.

It wasn't bad, and I'm definitely getting the feel for using veggies I don't normally think to eat more frequently.

Now off to make brownies!


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