Not unlike Saturday, Sunday was relatively unstructured. So we decided to do a bunch of random stuff, starting with heading over to the Fulton Street Artisan Market. We strolled around a bit in the heat, looking at all of the random arts and crafts.
After we headed over to Brick Road Pizza for a delicious meal. I'm not a huge veggie person, but their veggie burger is fantastic. I need to seriously look into making my own. There's corn in there, and I think rice or oats. I dont know what it is, but it is super tasty.

After that we ran some various errands then hung out indoors for a bit to cool down.
In the evening I played a little bit more with Google+. It's an interesting concept, not that unlike Facebook, but with a cleaner layout and a more intuitive UI for placing people in groups as opposed to how Facebook handles it, which is with their cumbersome lists. I actually like it quite a bit. Maybe that's because I'm adding people to Google+ that I already have on Facebook and Twitter (though there is some overlap).

Anyway, I'm not a huge video chat person. Heck, the Evo Shift not having a front facing camera was a plus. So when we picked up a webcam today so that Chris and I could test Google Hangout (video chat) I wasn't excited.

But, it's much cooler than I thought it would be. As you can see, we called Comfort (and Obi Wan, The Uniques's kitty, joined us as well) to see how it worked.

You can have a sidebar of text chat, plus you can watch YouTube together. All you need is one person in the hangout to go to YouTube (button at the bottom of the screen), pick a video, and the option for everyone else in the hangout to switch to YouTube comes up. Click than that BAM, you're all watching the same video at the same time. Plus, everyone can control the video, so if you need to pause but you didn't start the video, no problem. It also mutes everyone's microphones by default and you have to push a button to talk (or pause the video) - that way you dont accidentally talk over the video.

Anyway, I've been having fun messing around with Google+ all weekend. If you're on there (or are interested in an invite), look me up. You can find me on Google+ here.


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