It's the last day of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair and the only weekend day it is open so what better way to spend Saturday than wandering the streets of Ann Arbor with family?
We met up with everyone (my father-in-law and my parents) at The Cottage Inn Pizza for lunch before heading out into the heat and sun for a few hours to look at all of the art booths.
There were lots of interesting things sprinkled throughout all of the booths. Admittedly I think Chris and I have seen several of these people recently at the Grand Haven Art Fair. Mostly it was just fun to chat with everyone and see what's been going on lately. Plus we walked through the Borders bookstore. Everything was on sale but, quite honestly, not as cheap as you'd except a company in liquidation to have things. I suppose they'll do it tiered and sell as much as they can now, then keep dropping the price as time goes on to move what isn't selling fast.

Anyway, it was a hot one with lots of sunshine. I had a good day, but I was glad to be home with a snuggling kitty and air conditioning. I dont mind lots of walking, but I am wimpy when it comes to heat and humidity.

Also, I learned the Maker Fair in Detroit is next weekend, and we're busy, so I'm kind of bummed. Not that I build anything or have much of an aptitude to do such things, but I thought it would be interesting to walk around and check it out. I know both Chris and his dad enjoy making and creating things. Maybe we can check it out next year.


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