I started the day off with some baking shortly after dinner. There's a family reunion tomorrow and I decided to make two types of dessert bars: Graham Cracker Chewy Bars (which are kind of like Pecan Pie blondies), and Raspberry Oatmeal Bars. I have to say that the stand mixer and the tablet are wonderful devices in the kitchen.

By the time 10am rolled around everything was baked and cooling, which meant a little straightening up and some gaming.
We did some shopping in the early afternoon. As pointed out in this amusing InfoMania graduation speech (starts around 1min mark), we received our regularly scheduled Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. Coupled with a gift card from my friend Lori (thanks Lori!) we snagged a food dehydrator & I got to slicing various fruits and vegetables.
Once everything was loaded into the dehydrator I sliced up the dessert bars for tomorrow's family reunion and decided that I should probably not start cooking anything else, especially something elaborate. Oven makes the apartment a smidge warm, after all.


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