Today is the last day on the last weekend for the Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire in Battle Creek. I've know about the faire for a few years but never seemed to make it down there to check it out. So we decided to check it out today, since there was a low chance of rain.
We walked through the vendor shops and down to a fork in the road where a show was going to begin at one of the stages. So we sat down to watch the Rogue Blades (who also perform at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly). Chris was lucky (or unlucky) enough to be coerced into participating in the act.
They put on an amusing show, despite the rain and thunderstorm that rolled in and an over-eager participant in the audience (aka heckler).
We walked around a little in the rain after the show, hoping it would let up. We even ran into my cousin Nate and Amanda, oddly enough.
Since the rain didn't seem like it was going to subside, and my new SLR camera bag does not have a rainproof pouch to cover it with, we headed back to the car and decided to head over to Kalamazoo and check out Fanfare.It's a pretty nice size comic store, with some collectible card trading and table top gaming as well. It may not be as hipster as The Vault of Midnight, but it's definitely a substantial store. Nicer laid out than anything I've been to in Grand Rapids.
Comics browsed, we wandered a bit more around Kalamzoo until we stumbled across D'Nicios Parlour. A nice restaurant where Chris was able to get a coney loose.

All in all it was a short but pleasant trip out and about today. A nice contrast to the all day reading and gaming marathon of Saturday where I didn't leave the apartment once.


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