Today was a series of pit stops on a rainy day. We started out the day swinging by Marge's Doughnut Den (which is where we got our wedding cake) on our way to the post office to pick up a package.

Originally we had plans with our friends Dan and Angel to go out boating on a lake and, just in general, enjoy nature. But our plans were rained out, leaving us with wet afternoon to do errands and various things.
Peppy slept most of the afternoon away, as she usually does, while we went back out and window shopped. Neither of us really wanted to be cooped up all day in the apartment, but there wasn't much we wanted to do indoors (we didn't really feel like seeing a movie).
We got caught in a second wave of rain while out driving, which came on strong but left relatively quickly.

Hours later at home we lost power for awhile. The power outage didn't make much of a difference to me - I was already spending the evening reading The Sandman comic series. But it must have been a great inconvenience to others; when the power came back on a section of the apartment complex I live in erupted in cheers and excitement.


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