There's a lot out on the net lately about taking the cheap HP touchpad and putting Android on it.

No. Don't. Yes, I understand people think since Android has more apps that its superior. No. It's not.

The best that can be hoped for is Froyo or Gingerbread to be ported. Honeycomb code hasn't been released-and that's the "tablet OS".

Ive used Android tablets. They're clunky, sort of like Android phones, but more annoying because the resolution is low and everything is huge. Yes, LCD density changer can fix that. But really, webOS on the Touchpad is designed for the table, multitasks well, and handles the basic functions most people use their tablets for - information consumption. News, social networking, etc.

I own an iPad-it was a gift. Lovely device (though the lack of an accessible file system is maddening). Yes, there is a difference between the Touchpad and the iPad. They also don't cost the same. Apples to oranges at this point.

For $99 and $149, The Touchpad is a steal and makes hacking a nook color to get a cheap tablet not worth it (unless you're doing it just because you can-which is awesome).


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