HP bought Palm last year. Chris and I were hopeful that didn't mean the end of the webOS platform. Both of us really liked our palm pre phones.

Of course, Chris's phone died and there were no webOS phones in sight so we both upgraded to Android phones. They're nice - but both Android and iOS have horrible notification systems in comparison to webOS.

Anyway, HP decided it was getting out of the webOS business. That means fire sale. The previously priced 399 and 499 HP Touchpad (which had only weeks before been 499 and 599) went down to 99 for the 16GB model and 149 for the 32GB model. Seriously - that's a steal. This thing may not have a Netflix app, but it does flash (unlike some other popular tablet I know) so that means you can watch Hulu. It has a Kindle app, Skype, RSS reader, etc. It has most of your staple tablet consumption applications. Plus, it comes with 50GB of storage on Box.net. Seriously. 50GB.
So all of this meant Chris woke up relatively early today and headed out at 6am to try to snag one. He came back a bit later with one on hold (until an employee's manager could confirm that the large price drop was, indeed, accurate) and some Marge's Doughnut Den Doughnuts. I ate 3 (they're so tasty!).
A little bit later, voila - in hand was a 32GB tablet. They were all out of the 16GB, which was our preference. Chris did some setup on it and gave it a home on top of the microwave. We now have what I've been wishing for - a tablet for the kitchen to pull up recipes (previously I've been printing them out, using my laptop, palm pre, ipod touch and so on).
I slapped Preware on it, which is the webOS homebrew catalog and away we went. I even put a nice twitter app on the device so Chris could monitor the Harvey Awards in real time to see how Adam and Comfort did.

They didn't win, but they were nominated. And seriously, that's a big deal. It's like the Oscars for comic books. They got to hang out in a room with Stan Lee and other huge comic names and have their work announced on stage. Super huge. Super awesome. I hope they're having a fantastic time at the Baltimore Comic Con.


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