Today is round two with the truck rental and my wrists are screaming at me to stop using them. Oh god we have a lot of stuff between us....

Because we just have the car, Chris did a quick shopping trip yesterday with the rental truck to get some heavy duty shelving for storage in the basement. He also picked up a few other things that we can't fit in the trunk of our car.

We went back to the apartment in the morning to get more stuff and to dismantle the dining table I was using to pack stuff on.

Mostly I sat on the floor and tried to nap while Chris hauled boxes down into the truck. I helped him with the heavy TV stand we have but he pretty much did everything else. He is so awesome.

At the end of the day we ended up with the majority of things we need. That's not to say there isn't a ton of stuff left (Chris has three massive bookshelves stuffed full). But we can get that stuff in increments and, since we have the apartment for several weeks, we certainly don't have to kill ourselves moving everything in one weekend.

I really didn't like that plan at first. I wanted to move everything in one weekend. But after seeing how long it took to move what we did, there's no way we can empty that apartment and our storage units in two days. I'm way too wimpy for that.

Back at the house the cat seemed to be settling in nicely. The garage door scares the crap out of him, but other than that he is almost 100% back to normal. That includes griping when you try to push him out of your way.

And we have already started to load up some things on the shelves Chris assembled this morning.

Now to munch on some brownies I made in our "new" oven!


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