Since Chris and I both have the week off we took a day off from hanging out in Grand Rapids to drive over to metro Detroit and see my parents. Jeff and his friend Jess were there too. With the nice weather we got to hang out in the back yard, enjoy grilled food and a Microcenter ad (ok, the Microcenter ad was mostly just me enjoying it).
I spent some quality time with their dog Dayzee, who I haven't seen in forever it feels like. 
They still have a few flowers in bloom in their yard, which is nice. 
And they get a gazillion birds now. Dayzee doesn't even care about them.
My dad even showed me some interesting papers he recently acquired from his cousin. They were my great grandfather's performance reviews and ship information from when he was a sailor in Europe. Of course all the documentation is in Swedish or Danish, so my dad has been slowly translating everything.

Fantastic day! I've also now got tickets to the Michigan Renaissance Festival so I'm looking forward to going there in a few weeks with everyone.


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