When we first bought the house we scoped out where all the fire alarms were. There were two, one for each floor. The only thing I felt we were missing was a carbon monoxide detector, which we bought and put downstairs.

Now fast forward to 6 months later. Tonight, actually.

Chris and I were hanging out watching a good Bill Moyers episode with Trevor Potter and we started to hear beeping.

We had just replaced the batteries in both detectors a few months ago, so although it seemed odd they'd be dead so quick, we went to pull down the detectors.

But the beeping persisted. And it sounded like it was coming from the basement.

We spent a good 10 minutes listening to the beep, moving to where we thought we heard it, then listening more. Finally, after pinpointing the rough area we started to dig around.


Until finally we reached up past the drop ceiling into the rafters.

Lo and behold there was a third fire alarm.

Who knew?


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