So with the new computer put together I started monitoring the temperature of the CPU. I read several reviews of the stock cooler that came with the AMD FX-8120 (processor).

Idling my computer was at about 51 degrees Celsius. That's a little higher than I'd like. In fact, it's about 20 degrees higher than I'd like.

So I ordered a replacement cooler and it arrived today. 
I ordered the V6GT cooler by Cool Master (I've had a lot of good experience with their products in the past). As you can see, it's a beast. It comes with two fans on either side of the cooling fins that get secured to the motherboard.

Idling I'm now at around 30 degrees Celsius and under a full load the highest I've hit is 49 degrees.

Suffice it to say, I'm happy with the massive cooler. Even if it does take over a large portion of the case and hangs over several of the RAM slots (it was a pain to get everything situated right and not rubbing against each other).


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