Today was our first visit to Blandford Nature Center. It's an adorable small area in Grand Rapids that features trails, wildlife, and education
We managed to time our visit with the animal feeding time. I have to say, the meowing of a bobcat anticipating a meal is both adorable and heatbreaking. Especially after reading his story.

I don't even believe in declawing domestic cats (here's a good read on why), so I think declawing a bobcat is especially horrid.
They have several birds of prey as well, including an adorable Merlin who was carrying around a small mouse.

Mealtime for everyone!
We walked a few of their trails. Their largest trail, the Back Forty, is less than a mile long. Along the way we saw several deer but one in particular stuck out. This young one hung out on the path for a bit just looking at us...
..groomed for a bit, and didn't bound away very far when we did get close.
The wetlands they have listed on their map wasn't too wet. I guess that's what a dry summer will do.

Blandford was a nice place to spend a few hours enjoying nature. It's not a very far drive and it's certainly charming. We didn't explore everything - best to save some things for later visits.

We will certainly be back!


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