Chris's dad came over from White Lake today to hang out and check out Artprize.

We wandered around in and out of a few buildings downtown, including DeVos hall (which is normally pretty empty during the week).

There were all kinds of interesting things, including a giant sand castle, obligatory Gerald R Ford sculpture, and some metal dragons.
The most interesting thing, I thought, was the SiTE:LAB venue. I wasn't terribly interested in this last year, but this year they are apparently in the old Grand Rapids Public Museum.
And the old museum has a lot of the displays still in it.
So the SiTE:LAB setup has a lot of art intermingled with the existing displays.
Honestly it was a little disheartening. The museum has apparently been closed for 15 years (which explains why I've never heard of it - I've only lived here for 7).
There are holes in the walls and displays partially dismantled. It certainly would need a lot of work. Plus there is the in-use Grand Rapids Public Museum downtown which is situated in a better location next to Gerald R Ford Museum. I assume that the museum was moved to it's current location and this old building was just left abandoned.

We certainly only just scratched the surface. We didn't go near the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids Public Library, Kendall College of Art and Design, or any of the small restaurant venues.
After we got back from wandering around downtown, Chris and his dad performed some minor surgery on the grill and discussed various house modifications and fixes.


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