We left early in the morning to go vote. We arrived a little before 7am and were out about 40 minutes later. Not bad. The new polling place by our house is a church, just like the last place. I've voted in public schools while living in Grand Rapids, but never while living in the suburbs of Grand Rapids. I don't know if that means they have more churches than public schools or what, but it's always a little off-putting, especially when you think about separation of church and state.
The evening was filled with, as you can imagine, a lot of news on the TV. Chris spent a fair amount of the evening listening to various pundits who offered little in the way of substance.

Meanwhile I spent a chunk of the night working on getting a DVR set up on the Raspberry Pi. I'm trying to get a popular piece of software, TVheadend, running on the Pi. I had encountered a compiling error yesterday, but fixed it today and away I went. Software was loaded onto the Pi!

Now to just wait for the mpeg-2 license I ordered so I can actually stream video. And of course, tweak any settings once that's up and running. There's always that. Still - progress! These little $35 computers are kind of awesome.


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