I'd love to have this Kindle Weather Display hack, and when I stumbled across a cheap Kindle 4 on eBay, I couldn't pass it up. So tonight it's just me, an orange meow meow, a bowl of popcorn and endlessly surfing forum posts for details now that I've jailbroken a Kindle 4.

The jailbreak was super easy. Trust me. Drop some files on it, reboot, reboot, etc.

But no project is without it's bumps, and this one is no exception. This Kindle is running the latest software and that version appears to have killed off native ssh support. I can ping the device, but I can't actually log into it and the port (22) isn't open. So that means I can't simply access it remotely and edit files and do what I'd like to do.

No ssh support means performing a USBNet hack and I'm a little less comfortable with that. So I've been reading forum posts all night on successes and failures. I'll likely try something on the weekend when I have more time and feel pretty confident with how to proceed.

Right now I'm enjoying poking around in the diagnostics menu and learning about the different workings of the Kindle.

While the Kindle 4 is adorably small, I really do love my much larger Kindle 2. Honestly, unless that beast completed died I can't see using the smaller e-readers out on the market. That's why this Kindle 4 is going up on the wall (plus it would look better mounted) as opposed to my older Kindle 2. I guess I'm too used to being able to have my hands all over the device without actually covering the screen. And I've always thought the traditional 7" form factor is perfect for portability.

Yes, technically it's 8" and the screen is definitely not as large as a 7" tablet, but seriously - the dimensions of the Kindle 2 are almost the same as a 7" tablet when you take into account the plastic border surrounding the 7" screen. Anyway, that's why I've enjoyed the smaller android tablets.


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