Alright. I don't feel 100% but by the afternoon today I felt a lot better. It probably helped that I took half a day off of work and rested.

Plus soup. Tasty soup.

I felt well enough that I finally started in on the Shizuku scarf I wanted to make back in February. I'm glad I finished Chris's scarf for this winter season and I look forward to having this one in progress for 6+ months.

The scarf is already more fun to knit, but also a lot more painful on my elbow and wrists. There's a lot of twisting to do knitting front and back in the same stitch, turning needles a lot and so on to gradually make it wider and to keep adding drops along the way. This one is going to take me a long time. Heck, I could probably knit another blanket before I finish this thing. That thing was so chunky and fast to knit.


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