The first Christmas season Leki and I spent together I was pretty sick. I spent about three weeks out of four in December lying around on various medications and feeling exhausted.

The year after that I was moved in with Chris and he set up his small tree. And that is what we have used for the last several years.

But we're in a bigger place and we have room for a larger tree this year. Hooray!
This afternoon Chris and I set up the tree so Leki could get used to it. He did spend most of his time pre-occupied with the box the tree came in, which is probably just as well.
The tree fits snugly in a corner in our small living room and the cat, so far, has seem uninterested. We've decided to leave it undecorated (except for a lone snowman) until tomorrow, just in case he tries to take it down.

I'm sure the tree wont be interesting until lights and shiny things are on it. Good thing I have quite a few random soft decorations we can use before trying anything glass.
UPDATE: well, he has a new favorite napping spot.


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