Yeah. I know. That kindle does not look like this kindle. I've been poking around off and on all weekend trying to get the kindle set up as a weather display.

The first snag I hit was getting python installed on a Windows server. I found this helpful tutorial and was on my way. I tested a few python scripts, confirmed it worked, and moved on to the next problem.


rsvg-convert is a tool to convert svg files to png, which the Kindle reads. It's also a linux library. So there isn't really support for it in Windows. I also couldn't find any easy alternatives.

So all that time setting up a server to support python in Windows was kind of a waste.

So next up is poking around on a Linux box trying to get everything set up.

The image is also formatted incorrectly because, I assume, I'm running the files in windows and they're not resizing properly.

And the forecast isn't actually for where I live. It's just a random location. I haven't even gotten to setting up that portion.

And I haven't even started trying to get everything to run locally on the kindle yet!

I'll have to spend more time on this over the long weekend since I've spent a fair amount of time playing Guild Wars 2 in their special event this weekend instead of problem solving.


That image is a result of a .png with a "color" colorspace. It will display correctly with a greyscale colorspace. In the original script, pngcrush was used to get a greyscale colorspace.

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