We headed over to the east side of the state for the weekend this morning. I got to do some knitting in the car ride over, which is a nice way to spend the time.
Our first stop? Chris's mom's house to celebrate Christmas and her birthday from last weekend.
The four of us (Chris, Chris's brother Scot, their mother and I) went out to eat at a local tropical-themed restaurant. It reminded me very much of something my paternal grandparents would have enjoyed.
After lunch we headed back to her place to exchanged presents. We even squeezed in dessert.

After dessert we headed over to Chris's dad's place in White Lake.
We went out for a tasty pasta-filled dinner and hung out at his place for awhile. He gave me some awesome drill bits to make holes in the glass jar solar lights I started working on over the summer. I've got to start working on those again.

We talked about a whole range of things and he offered to teach me how to do electrical work, which I think is exciting. I'm looking forward to that!


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