We showed up at my parents in the late morning and there was already a massive spread of cookies for just the few of us.
We hung out and caught up while waiting for my little brother and his girlfriend Emily.
When the arrived we sat down for a tasty steak lunch. Normally my parents do lasagna for Christmas but this year they cooked some steaks.
After lunch we passed out presents.
And presents...
And more...
We continued the tradition of passing the Xanth box. I received it this year, along with a gazillion Scooby Doo decals. I look forward to peppering the walls with them.
After all the gifts were opened Chris headed out to visit his best friend Chris who is is town from China. So I got to spend a few extra hours at my parents house, eating their food and using all their heat.

All in was a relaxing end to a pretty busy weekend.

We finally left around 7 to head back to home. The cat was extremely excited we were back and spent a long time meowing and leading us around the house. I'm not sure why...


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