Yesterday I did a fair amount of baking so this morning I wanted to wrap everything up. I whipped up the peppermint buttercream frosting for these fudge cookies this morning. It is super tasty and super rich. I used this recipe and these came out fantastic.

I would really heed the warning in the recipe to ignore how underdone the cookies look when you pull them out. They really do stiffen up on their own once they get out of the oven.
I also started in on a second batch of marshmallows. The ones I went to cut this morning were still wet feeling and not very fluffy. I'm going to blame the fact that I hand-whipped the eggs and didn't do it nearly long enough.

So I started on a second batch. My main problem was that I didn't have all of the ingredients in the recipe I normally use, so I had to find an alternative (I did not want to leave and pick up more Karo syrup). I found a tasty-looking recipe that used honey instead of Karo Syrup. Here's hoping when I pull them later to slice them they're super tasty!


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