Chris ordered a lot of random things online awhile back and they all arrived today. On top of that the Bucky cubes (balls were sold out) that I ordered during their fire sale arrived today. They stopped selling these things because they're hazardous when swallowed and there have been issues of this happening. So...if you're ever around them...don't swallow these magnets.

The evening was pretty non-structured. A poked around with a python library trying to manipulate the Hue bulbs and teach myself python at the same time. Since I ultimately want to use python and and arduino I figure learning python while playing with the Hue is a good use of my time.

I also made a tasty turkey breast in the crockpot. The photo I took doesn't look tasty, so I didn't post it, but I think it was. I pretty much used this easy recipe and then added some water to the bottom of the crockpot so it didn't dry out. I'll definitely try making a turkey breast that way again.


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