Chris really likes Green Lantern. He wears a silver Green Lantern ring, has lots of Green Lantern clothing and figures, and in general is just a huge fan. So while he has a lot of Green Lantern paraphernalia, I feel he can never have too much.

So I decided to cross-stitch him a few ornaments for Christmas on some 3" wood embroidery hoops. The first ornament, just a simple Green Lantern logo, I made freehand in cross stitch app on my tablet. I chose a pretty basic green (DMC 700) for the logo.

If you'd like a copy of the pattern, you can find it here. The whole thing stitched up pretty quickly. I then eyeballed the cursive writing from a few examples I found on the internet.
Ch'p was a little more complicated and time consuming. After flipping back and forth between various websites and images, I finally settled on the free cross-stitch photo conversion site, My Photo Stitch. I used a classic image of Ch'p and then scaled it down so it would fit in a 3" hoop.
The Green Lantern Ch'p pattern generated from My Photo Stitch was a good base to work with, but as you can see from the photo above I made some notes for color changes and modifications.

Instead of the 10 different thread colors the pattern suggested, I used 9 total, 8 of which were from the pattern (I didn't use the pink-ish 3861 or the dark brown 3021 thread).

I could't find the exact same color at the store for one of the threads, so I had to substitute. I also didn't do as much shading as the pattern called for and instead made some of his limbs fatter with black thread. Here's what I used:
  • Blanc - white
  • 310 - black 
  • 371 - brown/gold
  • 524 - gray
  • 702 - light green
  • 700 - green
  • 909 - rich green green
  • 934 - dark green
  • 830 (in lieu of 3011) - light brown

I mostly just used the 702 green for the Green Lantern symbol and ring. I then used 700 for the body and feet instead of 702. With that change the ring and symbol felt like they stuck out more.
Overall I'm pleased with how they both came out, even if Ch'p isn't perfect.
Most importantly, Chris is happy with them. And, as a special bonus, they look pretty nice nestled in the tree above Hal and the standard Green Lantern symbol.


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