Yesterday my mother gave us several different types of plants, but mainly a bunch of hostas. Now, where we live we get quite a bit of wildlife. Rabbits and deer are especially keen on the plants in the yard. They've gnawed down the single hosta we have for the last two summers we've lived here. They dont kill the plant, but they certainly enjoy it.

So why not give them more to enjoy? Ok, that's not the main intent, but if it happens it happens.
So we planted several hostas in the back yard. We'll see how long they remain leafy.
We also planted a small peony (and some lilies - but I forgot to take a photo of those). Hopefully the poor little thing does alright. It doesn't look like it in the photo, but I actually did use soil and then covered everything back up with the sandy mix that comprises most of our yard.

Anyway, this will be an interesting experiment to see what survives and what gets eaten.
While we were out there, Chris discovered our whole back yard is littered with small frogs. They're not much larger than a thumbnail and they're everywhere. Once we noticed them it was hard to walk around the yard without stepping lightly and checking before each step.


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