JAFAX 18 is this weekend so we headed out to the local university where it is hosted to check things out.
Adam and Comfort are guests at JAFAX this year and they're featured in the program guide. HOORAY!
They're also hosting two panels at JAFAX. The one today, Lets Make A Character, is about character creation and development.
In the second half of their Lets Make A Character panel, the audience participates and Adam and Comfort create a character on the spot based on the different personality traits the audience has provided. The whole thing is awesome and fun to watch. I'm also looking forward to their second panel which is tomorrow - Creating your Comic/Manga from Concept to Publication.

While we were there, I did noticed this year that there are a lot more commercially made costumes being worn as opposed to something homemade out of cardboard and paint. Not that there weren't homemade items, especially props, but the availability and cost for high quality anime costumes has probably shifted a bit over the years, making it easier to just buy something as opposed to crafting it.
Anyway, Leki seemed to really miss us for the short time we were gone. So excited he insisted sleeping on my chest while I checked my 3DS for all the StreetPass stuff I'd picked up from the convention.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's show!


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