I've played a LOT of Animal Crossing New Leaf lately. This super casual, slice of life game is addictive. I loved playing it on my GameCube way back when, and on the Wii.

Mostly I just love booting up the game, talking to the animals and just get their reactions to things. Bee stings, mail sent, gifts given, and so on. And then there are the whole plethora of visitors that come and go throughout your town, like a shady fox selling "priceless art" or a turnip seller that lets you play the Stalk Market (get it?). It's adorable.

Plus they've added cool new things, like special items from other Nintendo games that you can pick up by eating fortune cookies. Who can say no to Midna's Mask?

New Leaf is as addictive as the first one I played back on the GameCube, and more portable, which is probably a dangerous combination.


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