The Ouya we pre-ordered arrived today. While I realize today is the release date, I had assumed I'd get a shipping notice today and receive the console later in the week or next week. So when we arrived home and it was on the porch - I was impressed.
The device has some nice packaging. And the device itself is very sturdy feeling. The controller even has nylon straps (which I should have snapped a photo of) for the battery trays to make it easier to pop the batteries out.
As you can see, it's a pretty small device. It takes up barely any real estate.
There are quite a few games to choose from and since everything has a free tutorial, you can check everything out without risking buying a bad game. We spent a few hours taking turns playing with the console.

Because we only ordered one controller, we decided to pair one of the PS3 controllers with it to see how it works. Not every game functions with the PS3 controller, but it is usable for some things.

Overall I'm fairly impressed. It's a nice robust console for $99 that, since it is Android, comes pre-rooted and you can sideload additional apps if you want.


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