So of course the blog post immediately preceding this one is going to be about how ebooks are still more expensive that physical books. And that I'm still purchasing and storing physical books. Of course.

Because this post is about a new eReader I received in the mail today. Kobo has a fantastic deal on their site for their Kobo mini, which is a touchscreen eReader. It's only $39.99 until July 18th, which is pretty freaking cheap. I mean, I bought my refurbished Kindle 2 for $150 a few years ago. So eReaders have really come down in price.
And they're a lot more compact. Look at that size difference! I mean, yes, the newer Kindles are small too.

Plus, the Kobo will read EPub, which is something my Kindle 2 wont do. Sure, any books I've purchased through Amazon won't work on the Kobo off the bat. But the device does read mobi files, which is one of the two (the other is .azw) file formats Amazon uses for their books.

I'm mostly just happy to have something that reads EPub files. It's a pretty popular and widely used file format and I have several books that are EPubs that in the past I'd had to hassle with converting to get to work on my Kindle 2.

As a side note, I'm looking forward to the next Humble eBook Bundle for more awesome books to read.


Thank you.

I truly adore my kobo mini.Truth be told I wish they would make a 4.3" screen like the trekstor.I truly like the trekstore size (for pocket capacity) and now I am considering the kindle paperwhite to get the waterproof one!I additionally cherish that it reads EVERYTHING.Epub,rtf,txt,pdf so far anything I have hurled at it has been perused no issues by any stretch of the imagination.Extremely decent.

@Lillie Jensen.

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