Today is Easter. And it's Quinn's first, so we had to start it off right with a silly picture.
We drove to my parents house for the day, so it was also Quinn's first road trip. He slept the whole way and when we were greeted there was a ton of candy out.
The little guy got to hang out with his grandma for awhile.
And his grandpa.
Dayzee was pretty indifferent to him and was mostly concerned with whether she was going to get some tasty ham or not.
The whole visit was mostly about Quinn.
And I think he had a good time. He certainly enjoyed his uncle Jeff. The little guy loves new this to look at, so a new house with "new" people was perfect.
By the time we got home (and after another nap in the car), he was ready to play some more. It was a long day, but a good one.


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