Quinn really doesn't seem to like feet on pajamas. At first none of the outfits would fit him (his legs were too long) so I went out and specifically bought him outfits without feet. But as he's growing into various gifts that were given his legs are the right length but he isn't having it. When he pulls his leg up to kick it comes out of the foot and then he starts to get frustrated at all the fabric around him. He usually ends up crying after a few minutes of pulling his foot up from the pajama feet.
There are two outfits in particular that fit him pretty so I decided to take off the feet and see how that works.
I only removed the feet on one outfit today - the bear outfit - as a test. Once I ripped the sitches out of the feet I used the sewing machine to do an overedge stitch.
It was my first time using that stitch and the fabric kept sticking when I'd get to the thicker parts, so it isn't beautiful but it does the job.

One issue with ripping the feet off is that you have a large flap of fabric loose at the ankle. In outfits with no feet there is a snap at the bottom of the leg at the ankle that keeps the fabric snug.
I thought that having the fabric loose at his feet might bother him, but he seemed fine with it. He kicked with abandon like usual but it didn't work him up into frustration like seemed to happen with footed pajamas.

Now I have two little bear feet left over that I need to convert into something. I was thinking small stuffed animals.

My mother suggested putting socks on him and then putting him in the pajamas, so I'm going to try that next with his other outfit to see if that works. If it does, at least I got some sewing practice in with this project since I may have wasted my time otherwise.


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