I bought a bunch of used Bum Genius 4.0 diapers before Quinn was born. My intent was to use them from day one, but when Quinn was born he was way too small to wear them. So I've been waiting for him to get a little bigger and chubbier so he will fill them out.

Since they are used, not all of the elastic is tight in the legs, which means some of them fit better than others. He wore about 4 today and there were no leaks. Only one did he really scream and scream until I took it off and put a disposable one on him.

I did have him dressed in an over-sized onesie so that he could wear the diaper. It's considerably bulkier than a newborn diaper, But that's to be expected since the Bum Genius 4.0's are size range 8-35 pounds. I probably could have put him in a tighter fitting onesie, but once he was dressed I didn't want to change him.

The nice thing is cloth diapers have good resale, so any that are still in good condition I can turn around and resell. That's unlike baby clothes, which I get the impression there is so much floating out there people practically give it away (and is what my friend Lori did for us)


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