The stroller body and the car seat each have their own hood that you can raise or lower to keep sun (or rain?) off of a kid. But when you have the car seat attached to the stroller, there's no way to keep them together and closed up to protect the a baby from the elements.

Up until now, that hasn't been an issue. But today was so sunny that there was no way to keep the sun off of the baby's face because the two hoods wouldn't connect.

I ran out to Joanne Fabrics this morning to pick up some velcro and pinned a piece in place.
Once everything was lined up, I started to sew. The fabric was pretty tough to get through and I actually snapped a needle. I probably wasn't using the proper type, but I'm not sure what I needed and I wasn't going back out to the store so I just worked with what I had.
It took a bit of time (and a pair of pliers to pull the needle through at times) but I finally managed to get the piece of velcro secure enough that it would keep both hoods together. And as you can see, there's a perfect view into the carseat where the baby would sit.

Now when the sun is beating down our infant wont fry to a crisp on our walks.


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