by comparison, Friday was a walk in the park in terms of a packed schedule.

Chris's friend (whose name is Chris, coincidentally) was in town from China. Plus, my little brother has just moved into a new apartment with his fiance, so I needed to check that out. Then there was the matter of the hackintosh and needing a mac to create the bootable USB image. Plus studying for a final the next morning. Busy agenda....

So we headed out early in the morning, greeted with a nice covering of snow on the car and roads.

We met up with Chris in Novi and had brunch. Nice guy. The dude sports an XPS laptop and knows a ton about video games. Who wouldn't think he was awesome?

After a little while the Chris and Chris headed out to do their thing and I headed to my parents house to work on getting my netbook to book OS X (Snow Leopard). That particular venture turned rather sour. While I have a bootable USB stick, it still won't boot on non-mac hardware. I will have to return after doing further research... Hopefully I'll have it straightened out by xmas eve.

Then it was off to see Jeff and Karen's new apartment. I was surprised at how big it was (massive closets) and how close it was to my friend Kati's old apartment and Universal Mall. They've only been there 8 days, but they're almost completely unpacked and it looks like all that is left is a little organizing. They've even got a snazzy setup where the computer feeds into the TV so they watch movies that way.

All in all, busy day but worth it to meet Chris's best friend and see the little bro's new apartment.


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