Snowpocalypse! Ok, not quite. But today's weather is probably as close as Grand Rapids is going to get in the next few days to the predicted snowpocalypse.

After being cooped up for days trying to get a hackintosh working on my new (to me anyway) Asus eee 1000H netbook (without using a Mac) with no success, and after trying to get an old linux box working (with no success either...) I decided to venture out. I've been intending to get out and about since the snow first fell, but just kept finding excuses.

The trail was nice and virtually untouched, which meant wading through 5+ inches of snow. But I was willing to do that for just a change of scenery. The part of Kent Trail near my apartment goes by a small stream, which was pretty nice to watch for a bit.

The walk was great, but very cold. Even though I had two pairs of everything on (even pants), I could only make it so far in 14 degree weather. Next time I should venture out with some thermal pants or something.

Later this evening should be fun, so long as the weather doesn't get worse. Chris and I will be headed out to see Art & Copy with a co-worker of his.


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