You would think as an adult I'd be able to sleep in a bit on x-mas. No. Though I can honestly say that this time the cat woke me up, demanding that I wake up and do things. Chris was already up and wrapping gifts in the other room and he was really bothered by the fact that one person was up, and the other was not.

All the pets received something from Chris, which they are all enjoying, especially the cat. Though at first he was much more interested in wrapping paper than anything else (it is his first official x-mas with presents involved - he missed it last year).

After opening awesomesauce gifts, we each retreated to tinker with gadgets and the like for a bit. Later we headed out to the Rivertown to see Sherlock Holmes. Neither of us had been to see a movie on x-mas in ages, so were curious to see what sort of crowd there was. Amazingly (at least to me) the theatre was packed pretty well.


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