Wednesday was the predicted day in which the snowpocalypse was to hit. There was a blizzard warning for the area that went into effect at 1pm and wasn't to be lifted until 4pm on Thursday. The weather was going to get bad. Terrible. The world was going to end.


And then nothing happened. No bad weather. A few snow flurries (and a shit ton of school closings just in case). Since Chris didn't have much going on at work, he spent the day at home and we did some errands and he setup for Hero Clix before some friends came over for the evening.

So in the evening (because there was no snowpocalypse) I took the final for my Research and Writing class, which only lasted an hour. After that I headed home and hung out with Chris, Jeff, and Dan while they played New Super Mario Bros and Hero Clix. I spent most of the evening researching more hackintosh solutions (creating a bootable USB drive without a mac is a pain in the butt) and watched Leki terrorize everyone.


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