Friday was a busy day. First there was a mini-field trip across the state at work. That took up a rather large chunk of the day.

After I got off work I was greeted with tasty White Chili Chris made for me and we headed out to see Avatar in 3D with some of his friends.

We got there early and waited in line to make sure we got seats that weren't right up at the front row.

Since the movie was in 3D we got awesome polarized glasses to watch the film with.

All in all the day was busy but the evening was great, even though the 3D film gave me an awesome headache (which, apparently, is because I didn't spend the entire time staring only at the characters faces).

It was a very pretty film, though the plot follows the typical cliche beats of romance. If you dont mind the formula, and like sci-fi/fantasy, you'll probably like the movie.


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