While I wait for the week to come to a close and my imminent trip to metro Detroit approaches so that I can create a hackintosh finally (gave up on trying to do it w/o a mac/dvd drive and just going to use my dad's mac to create a bootable USB drive), I've been keeping myself busy with other smaller tasks I've been putting off.

First and foremost, I updated the filecoaster software (and loaded a new one called preware) on Monday. This lets me browse on the fly any homebrew applications and patches I'd like on the pre.

So Tuesday I decided to finally tackle the tethering issue. Its rare I'd like to use my cellphone as a modem for my laptop, but its happened. So I'd like to have that ability in those rare moments. So I spent part of my lunch break today working on getting the netbook and pre to communicate. While I dont appear to have it working 100% yet, I did get the drivers installed on Windows 7 (pain in the butt) and the machine will now recognize the pre as a ethernet adapter.

Slowly but surely I inch toward completion of this project I've been putting off for months...


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