Since I’ve lived in Grand Rapids it seems like I’ve only worked with one set of people, but done multiple jobs. That’s almost true. I’ve worked as a contractor (and eventual employee) on and off at the same place for 4 years, on 4 different jobs. They’ve mostly been back to back with only a few weeks to a month between the contracts.

Earlier this year, however, I was an employee and was laid off. So I figured that was a prefect time to switch gears and work somewhere new. And I did for several months on a contract. But when that ended I was back searching again. And somehow the winds of fate swept me up and I’m working a new contract in a new department at an old job with roughly the same group of people I’ve known for years. This time there was a 9 month gap between jobs.

It’s pretty convenient to start on your first day and know everyone’s names and faces. Hey, even my cube sign tag was still up and all I had to do was move it to the new cube, complete with the fancy handwriting of a co-worker (it was never officially printed up and I think this is more amusing anyway).


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