I used to play World of Warcraft without interruption to the subscription for years. Then about two and a half years ago I canceled my account.

Then the Burning Crusade expansion came out...and I had to see if it was awesome. It was ok. But, in reactivating my account I found a bunch of old guildies who had migrated to a raiding guild and so I was sucked in, this time actually raiding 4ish nights a week, for several months.

I got burned out and took a break.

Then the Northrend expansion came out...and I had to see what that was all about (stupid email with free Northred trial sucking me in...). So I leveled my way from 70 to 80, this time alone and not being terribly picky about gear. Because honestly, at this point I just wanted to see the zones and didn't need to gear up for PvP or raiding. So I hit 80 and canceled my subscription again shortly thereafter.

Then there was the 5th anniversary of WoW...and I wanted the exclusive pets (because for whatever reason I still cared about the pet achievement I had been working on). So another email from Blizzard sucked me in. Though admittedly this time since activating I've barely played. Most of the group I used to play with doesnt seem to play anymore and I have enough going on elsewhere in my life that I don't need to fill the void with Warcraft.

But on a Sunday after the last final of the semester...yeah...I'm gonna run around and check out the holiday quests. I like their Winter Veil events more than any of the GuildWars ones so while the subscription is active for a month I might as well poke around...


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