Sometimes I make thinks overly complicated. Take the following example: I purchased a 1000H netbook with the sole purpose of putting OS X 10.6 on it. After research and dinking around for several weeks, I successfully loaded OS X on the netbook.

Then I decide it would be awesome to dual boot. Quickly that morphs into triple booting.

So I spent the entire evening and all of my lunch break installing OS X, Windows 7, and Ubuntu - twice. Currently the only OSes I can get to boot are OS X (via USB stick boot loader) and Ubuntu (via grub).

I have a tutorial on how to make the machine triple boot, but its a little beyond my comfort zone on some things so its a learning process for me...a slow...painful learning process...

Still, I'm enjoying the challenge. I may even feel a little empty when this is working properly. This project has been in some form or another for over a month.

So here's Leki, guarding the netbook while it re-installs OS X 10.6.

On a lighter note - there were tasty foods at work I nommed on while trying to tweak the netbook. Hooray for Craig's wife!


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