I'm not huge on New Years Eve. I dont really like to go out and party all night anyway - so an entire night where that is the tradition doesn't really appeal to me.

As a kid my family always stayed in and we did movie marathons with candy and blockbusters VHS tapes. If my parents ever did a New Years without us kids, I don't remember it.

As an adult I've not done much either. Every year I get invited to parties and every year I think that this year I may actually go - but when it comes down to it. Naw. I'd rather just veg and stay at home.

So since Chris did not have a burning desire to go out and cut a rug, we stayed in. He cooked a tasty dinner, and we watched TV while I messed around with the netbook more, trying to get it to triple-boot.

It was a great night and just what I enjoy doing - a whole lot of relaxing nothing for New Years Eve.

Chris drew this awesome sketch on the chalkboard. He's awesome like that.


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