Originally Chris and I were going to ride bikes after I got out of class.  When he mentioned it, all I could mutter was "it's too cold." A part of me wanted nothing more than to play another block of Dragon Age for hours and start working on side quests.  But, I knew I needed to get my butt out and about doing something besides video games all afternoon again.

So I suggested John Ball Zoo, and that is exactly where we went. And yes, I realize that if it was too cold to bike it should be too cold to walk around outside.

In the off season (which is until May) the Zoo has several sections closed off - so it's smaller than normal.  We arrived around 2pm and were done around 4pm (in the off season the zoo is only open 10am-4pm).

Despite there being some closed exhibits and sectioned off areas, there was still plenty to see, including the animals you see to the left here.

For a full catalog of the photos I uploaded, you can find them here. And here's a shot Chris took of me in the aquarium.

Also, here's a video compilation by Chris.


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