In the morning the skies were blue - which is refreshing from what they've been as of late (gloomy, dark, snowy).

On my lunch break and drove around to a few bookstores looking for a good copy of part one of The Divine Comedy (Inferno) by Dante Alighieri.  I'd been listening to reading of the book (which is very well done, complete with subtle sound effects) and quickly realized that listening was all well and good but I really needed to have the book and footnotes in front of me as well to get the full effect.

So while I was out and about looking for a copy of the book I ran into Sherry briefly, as our cars passed.  Was cool to see her (even if it was only for a few seconds) and I look forward to getting together with her again soon.

The day marched on into evening and I headed out to school for class for the last remaining hours of sunlight.

After that it was off to home to eat a tasty treat and find a slip from the post office that Heavy Rain was sitting, waiting to be picked up tomorrow.

Super excited for tomorrow evening.  There will be awesome PS3 game playing and quality time with Chris!


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